Saturday, July 23, 2011

The making of Smart Bird

We bring interesting and educational videos for our readers.
In this video we present the making of smart bird.

SmartBird is an ultralight but powerful flight model with excellent aerodynamic qualities and extreme agility. With SmartBird, Festo has succeeded in deciphering the flight of birds - one of the oldest dreams of humankind.

This bionic technology-bearer, which is inspired by the herring gull, can start, fly and land autonomously -- with no additional drive mechanism. Its wings not only beat up and down, but also twist at specific angles. This is made possible by an active articulated torsional drive unit, which in combination with a complex control system attains an unprecedented level of efficiency in flight operation. Festo has thus succeeded for the first time in creating an energy-efficient technical adaptation of this model from nature.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (AUGV)

The advances in autonomous motion of the vehicles in air, ground or water has come to some new front.
In the video presented below, autonomous unmanned ground vehicle is shown.
It has been claimed that given point A (starting point) and point B (ending point), AUGV is able to travel autonomously.