Friday, August 29, 2008

Nepali Folk Song: Enjoy it

This is typical Nepali folk song. Nepal is rich in its culture. It has cultural diversity as well with others. The video presented here represents a festival. Its women’s festival and this is the correct time for this festival called Teej. Religiously and culturally women pray for their men. And sing song. They tell their life story, how hard time they are facing on their husbands house and how they miss their parents, mom’s food and dads love.

In this particular video, there are dad, mom, their one son and his wife. Son returns from abroad, where he had gone to earn money for better life. Parents expect some kind of help from their grown up sons. This is typical Nepali society. Unfortunately, the son has to listen his wife’s voice and have to abandon his parents.

Scene of the video shows typical Nepali house. Everything looks natural. Acting is awesome. I love it and it is heart touching.

says: This video shows typical Nepali daily life and can be regarded as a nice example for art choreography. However, I am quite sure how much it is related to teej.
The floor painted with red-soil (rato-mato), the sitting in sukul, namlo, typical dresses: WOW!
Teej is regarded as auspious occasion by many Nepali Women.
Dance and the Red color make the celebration memorable each year. However, I had very less opportunities to explore the in-depth details of the festival TEEJ.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Discover Nepal - Naturally Nepal

Dai Wrote:
Nepal: Heaven on earth!
The video was made by Nepal Tourism board. Has various background music which gives sense of meditation and peace to soul. The graphics is not so bad and I can guarantee the level of satisfaction would reach to higest level by being able to see it by one's own eye: Live!
The touch of air, the smell of local soil and the sounds of birds will make anyone forget pain and give inner peace.
We are lucky to be born in such a wonderland.
The hope is that one day, one day will come when it would be more secure and more comfortable to visit Nepal. Making the Heaven accessible to all!

BasantG Wrote:
The video presents the tourists attraction in Nepal. I hope it helps to promote tourism industry. It gives you some idea about cultures, religions, natural beauty, hospitality, hotels etc. In my opinion the official video clip made by Nepal tourism board should not be just like this showing photos. I would appreciate it they had used real short video clops to describe the things.

Any way there is no doubt, Nepal is a great place for tourists and we can make it better, hopefully in near future(?).

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Fibrinogen is the molecule that runs in blood of all living organism responsible for forming a clot to prevent the blood overflow when there is cut/wound in the body. Also it is responsible for forming clot in arteries which might be the case for heart attack during aggregation. The following video explain how it works ...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dhaulagiri-The White Mountain

Today, I would like to take you to feel the beauty of the nature. Nepal is mainly recognized as a Himalayan country with more than 7 highest peaks among 10 in the world. One of them is Dhaulagiri the 7th highest mountain(8167m) -also known as white mountain. The video below challenges to make the first sky descent of Dhaulagiri in autumn 2007. The climbers had to tackle with severe weather and the video shows how difficult is to climb such white mountains. You feel peace after watching this video. Enjoy it.
Blogger dai says
This is great!

Touristic opportunities for Nepal can not be under-estimated.

Once peace prevails, we will do very good in touristic activities. The money for that can be used to develop hydro-electricity projects and keep Nepal Brighter.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Communicating Robots: Re-assemble

Have you see the Mission Impossible?

In one of the sequel, the small bots search for Tom Cruise. Tom hides in the tub; because he had left a bubble, the robot decides to run an experiment. It then sends some electric currents through the tub. Shocked by it, he comes on surface where he faces the bots.
I remember this scene because it involves a high level of science fiction. The robots capable of spreading like bugs in the house, to map and to search the desired places and having capacity to run experiments. Moreover, highly organized by virtue of the communications.
The following video presents communicating parts. The importance lies in the fact that they can re-assemble.