Friday, October 24, 2008

Mathemagician: Just for Fun!

This video is really impressive.
He does the calculations on his head and can multiply even 5 digit numbers on the fly!
Certainly, he has mastered some tricks of numbers. It reminds me the guy who could remember x digits of pi 3.1416.... (x =500 ? I even don't remember it! ) (for me x = 5).

Certainly, visualization is very stronger means of learning.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dashain by "MAHA"

Dashain is biggest festival celebrated in Nepal. Millions of Nepalese celebrated this years Dashain all around the globe. For me this is a festival of family get-gathering, happiness and it has become cultural rather than religious festival. This is my observation. However, for some people, Dasain is a 'kaal' for being compelled to spend more than they can earn. This weeks video shows all about Dashain in a poor low-class government worker (peon) family and compares with in a family of government officer.

Dashain video presented here is from Madankrishna Shrestha and Haribansa Acharya, popularly known as MAHA. Its really worthy to watch this video. Enjoy it. You can other rest parts of the video in you tube.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Levitation: An example of Super-conductivity

The above video shows the levitation effect observed when the magnetic field is cooled below its critical point. Also known as Meissner effect.
Figure below shows the Meissner effect in which the super conductor cooled below the critical temperature end up repelling all the magnetic field lines.

Last semester, I had to teach a lab with this one as an example. Though, determining the critical point for the superconducting material was horribly hard (as they felt). The students really had fun to watch the effect. They were interested in what caused that effect and some other examples like floating train simply amazed them.
To me this is one of the beauty of Physics education, that student can feel gravitated towards such an abstract subject.
[Figure adopted from wikipedia. ]